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Senator Rand Paul

I am proud to endorse Cameron Hamilton to be the next representative of Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. Our country needs leaders who will advocate tirelessly for the individual liberty of our citizens, much-needed fiscal responsibility of our government, and additional accountability across every level of the federal bureaucracy. Our country needs leaders who will follow the Constitution and advocate for an America First foreign policy. I have complete confidence that Cameron will be such a leader, and I’m glad to offer my support in his critical campaign.

    Congressman Bob Good

    Cameron Hamilton is exactly the kind of leader that Virginians need representing us in Washington. Cameron is a strong Christian, a principled conservative, and an experienced leader. He can be counted on to vote for what is right and what is best for the 7th District, even when those votes are difficult. I am glad to throw my support behind Cameron in his campaign for Congress.


    Delegate Nick Freitas

    Cameron Hamilton is a leader who has spent his life fighting for our nation and our values overseas, protecting our Homeland, and serving our first responders. He has shown that he will put our country first through his actions and I know that in Congress, he will advocate for and protect the American people and our constitutional rights and liberties. I encourage everyone in Virginia’s 7th to join me in endorsing Cameron Hamilton so we can send a principled leader to represent us in Washington!

    Congressman Eli Crane

    I am proud to endorse Cameron Hamilton in Virginia's 7th Congressional District. Cameron is the kind of leader we need fighting for us in Washington. He is a strong conservative who is grounded in his Christian faith. Cameron has the wisdom and experience to understand the important issues, and the courage to do what he knows is right and best for the citizens of the 7th District. Please join me in supporting Cameron Hamilton as our next Congressman in VA07!

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